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princezzjen's Journal

Let boredom rain free
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Ignore the name, this is just an old journal of my friends that I turned into a community.

This is just a place to put your thoughts, no set topic. Just don't judge others. Ask dumb questions, post song lyrics, whatever....it's up to you, have fun.
311, angelina jolie, apartment 26, austrailia, being austrailian, being british, biting, blood, blue skittles, bondage, bruises, bush, candles, carbonated water, cats, chains, cheese curls, coal chamber, cookie dough ice cream, courtney love, criminology, cruel intentions, cyanide, daniel johns, dave grohl, deadsy, death, death of carson daly, destroying pop stars, devon sawa, dexter holland, dissapearing, dogs, dragons, dying, elvis, england, envolopes, erotica, execution, explosions, faeries, fast, fast and the furious, fear factory, feather boas, fire, five cent deposit, fluffy, foo fighters, fred durst-dead, frosting, fuck, garbage, getting paid, godsmack, going away, goo goo dolls, goth dollz, hair dye, half baked ice cream, hard love, hauntings, hole, hot topic, i dont believe you, ill nino, incense, jay gordon, jezzyka, josh hartnett, jthm, kid rock-dead, kimberly marie, kinky sex, kittie, korn, kurt cobain murder theroys, late night commercials, licking, liquid destruction, living, lizzie borden, make-up, matthew lillard, meegs, metallica, monster magnet, mountin dew code red, msi, mxpx, my pen, mythology, nirvana, no doubt, nocturnalism, nonpoint, offspring, orgy, pantera, paper, paper clips, people suck, people tripping, popcorn, purple, rancid, ratm, really hot sex addicts, ronald defeo, s&m, saftey pins, salt and vinager pringles, sex, shirley manson, shocking the monkey, shopping, silver nail polish, silverchair, slc punk, sleepers, snow, soil, stars, static-x, string cheese, stupid people, sugar, system of a down, tantric, the faculty, the moon, the night sky, the unexplained, the unknown, the void, tool, tourture, vampires, venus fly traps, water, zeromancer